Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tammy Wolfe - Love and Caring at the Animal Lodge!

Vegas is a 190 lbs. Great Dane who was paralyzed from a cancerous tumor that was removed from his spinal cord. He spent some quality time in the underwater treadmill while Tammy Wolfe gently massaged his back legs. Three very large (did I mention that they were very LARGE) black Newfoundlands had some exercise time in the hydro pool. Of course, there was Henry and Tigger that needed some massage time in-between the other patients.

This is a standard morning for physical therapist - Tammy Wolfe. Tammy Wolfe is not just a physical therapist who specializes in canines at the Animal Lodge but also a kind heart that loves all of her furry "patients". Tammy truly loves every minute of her job. My morning was filled with smiles and laughter - Thank you Tammy and Jessica for letting me share a slice of your wonderful life...Enjoy the pics!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sweet Ruby!

Just a few peeks are Ruby's sweet morning photos!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cowbelly Workshop

In September, I had an opportunity to attend the Cowbelly Pet Photography Workshop ( in Seattle with 12 other women from the US and Canada. It was a weekend full of laughter, sharing, scratching bellies (specifically Fergie's belly - see last photo), and of course, taking pictures. Pet photographers just starting their biz and some happily on their way joined together to spend the weekend together.
The highlight of the weekend was taking pictures of some adorable pugs down by the Puget Sound. Pugs are such characters - little guys with a lot of spunk and love to go around. Walter, Dizza, and Frank (the one-eyed rescue pug) spent the afternoon with us down by the water on a beautiful Seattle day (a rain-free day!).

Jamie Pflughoeft (she rocks!) of Cowbelly Pet Photography ( and her dog, Fergie (see pic below) lead us through a whirlwind of awesome information during the weekend. Jamie is a fantastic, sweet person and an incredible pet photographer. ;-)

I will be posting all of the women pet photographer's websites that attended the Seattle weekend on my website: in my Links tab shortly.