Monday, May 25, 2009

Red eyes? Really?

Red eyes? Really? Last week, I met Bela (pronounced “Bay-La”) like Bela Lugosi, the ORIGINAL Dracula. You know the “classic” Dracula that most people think of when someone says Dracula – scary guy with the widow’s peak?) Bela is a Red-Bellied Poicephalus. I found several meanings of her name (depending on the origins) – like “Within”, “Bright” and “White”. Her owner Sarah mentioned that Bela might mean “”Bringer of Light”. Sounds very sweet, light and calm - very fitting for Bela. Her feathers were a little tight and she clung very close to Sarah at the beginning of the shoot (probably because “Doc” my ol’ Lab came barreling thru the deck sliding door like a ton of bricks!). After spending some time in the backyard enjoying good conversation and the warm Colorado sun, Bela relaxed and “ruffled” her feathers a little. She enjoyed a few snacks (while pooping on poor Sarah every 20 minutes!) and the token peanut (this was for the “big” shot!). We definitely had a sweet and calm afternoon with our red-eyed “Bringer of Light”. Enjoy the red eyes (boy do they POP!)


  1. The second, third and last one are my favs. What great perspectives! Way cool Jaime.