Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sadler & Sammy Peak-A-Woof!

Is Love at first sight possible? Last Tuesday – I met Sadler, a 13 year old Golden Retriever and the sweetest of sweet dogs! I found him passed out in his napping spot at the base of the steps at the beginning of the shoot. He is almost complete deaf so he didn’t hear me come in. I gently touched his face to wake him after a couple of sneaky shots of his paw (he had cancer in his paw and most of his paw was removed! Thank god he is cancer free now!). He immediately started licking my hands (and he didn’t even know me yet). My eyes immediately started to well up with tears. I composed myself and we got the shoot started.

Next – I met Sammy (the younger looking golden). At first we were not going to include him in the shoot. He was new to the owners and he was a rescue dog. Here is a quote from the owner’s daughter (who set up the shoot for a Mother’s Day gift – what an Awesome gift!), “Very sad story, he is a rescue dog, his owner died and it was a bit before they discovered the owner had passed. Sammy was in the home with the deceased owner for many days. He was not very well cared for, the vets believe he was hit by a car and never treated. My parents just had surgery done on him to help some of his orthopedic issues. He is not very friendly, very distrusting, has obviously had a very tough life. This one we can play by ear.” I was a little concerned before the shoot but by the end of the shoot Sammy had warmed up to me and I even got a little neck “scratchin’ and lovin’” going on.
Love at first sight? I definitely fell in love with these two guys in a heartbeat! I hope you enjoy the pictures. ;-)

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  1. Love Your perspective on these! They are all so great. And you cant beat golden retrievers :) Nice job Jaime